Vermont’s 17 career and technical education centers offer many courses in the following high-growth sectors:

someone repairing a computer

Computer & Office Technology

More and more jobs are requiring a working knowledge of a variety of computer applications. Some of the more common applications used are Outlook, Excel, Word and Google Docs, and

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a chef at work, Green Mountain Tech Center

Culinary Arts

Careers in the Culinary Arts span an enormous range of businesses in Vermont. Training in this area can land you a job in a fancy restaurant or hospital, a bakery

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nurse assistant

Health Sciences

Even entry level jobs in health care can provide an excellent career path. Health care providers generally offer excellent educational benefits to advance your skills. Care providers work in a

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Manufacturing employees 1 in 10 Vermonters, with opportunities are spread throughout the state, from 2000+ employee companies to 2-5 person shops. Products made here range from food and beverages to

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Professional Skills

Professional skills development can help you to get and keep work supporting others in a wide range of professional fields. These positions can support financial, educational, or public relations functions

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small engine repair

Skilled Trades

The Skilled Trades offer a wide variety of pathways to high-wage, high-demand jobs in Vermont.. According to the McClure Foundation/Vermont Department of Labor study on Most Promising Jobs, two-thirds of

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training in heavy transport

Transportation & Heavy Equipment

In our increasingly interconnected world, transportation careers continue to grow. These jobs typically require an ability to work with hands-on, physical objects and also pay attention to details. Vehicle and

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