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Basics of High Performance Building

Type of Class: in-person
Start Date: March 6, 2024
End Date: March 13, 2024
Class Days: Tuesday,
Time:  5:00 - 8:15

Builders are in colossal demand, now more than ever, and the key lies in high-performance expertise. Embrace the chance to reshape the world through our top-notch High Performance building course. Become a visionary force, conquering environmental challenges, and leading the charge for sustainable solutions. In this housing revolution, your skills will be prized like never before. Our exceptional courses empower you to create efficient, eco-friendly havens, igniting the path towards a brighter future. Unite with industry experts and champion the cause of change. With our guidance, you’ll wield the transformative power to tackle Vermont’s housing crisis head-on. Seize the opportunity, redefine your impact, and be the catalyst for a greener, better world.

Career Field: Skilled Trades
Tuition: $400
Total Class Hours: 8