Type of Class: in-person
Class Days: Varies,

Schedule: Varies

Tuition: $6500

Course Description
This course is designed for the beginner and includes all phases of CDL training, on the road and in the classroom. Class A training runs for a minimum of 150 hours, with time divided between hands on practical experience and theory. Class A CDLs allow for operation of a tractor and trailer. Classroom training includes basic operation, safe operating practices, and vehicle systems. Lab, range, and road training includes pretrip inspections, straight line and offset backing, parallel parking, alley docking, coupling and uncoupling, speed and brake control, and shifting unsynchronized transmissions

Requirements for Enrollment

To be eligible for enrollment in a CDL course, students must:

  • Possess a valid Vermont Driver’s License
  • Have the ability to pass a Department of Transportation medical exam
  • Have the ability to pass a drug and alcohol test
  • Be at least 18 years old

Students are not considered enrolled until payment is received in full and they have had an informational interview with the Adult Education Program Director. Interviews will be scheduled after the registration form has been submitted.

Job Outlook

Professional commercial drivers of trucks are in high demand. Jobs include but are not limited to local deliveries and over the road trucking, from tractor trailers (Class A) to straight trucks (Class B). According to VDOL, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers in northern Vermont earn on average over $20 per hour.

Timothy Garrow founded Precision Driver Training School in 2000. The school is licensed by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. All of the courses taught by The Precision Driver Training School have a core focus on crash avoidance. Tim has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a Driver’s Educator endorsement and a Master’s degree in traffic safety.

For questions or more information about this course contact Sandra Mings Lamar at (802) 748-7738 or sandra.mingslamar@stjacademy.org.

Training Type: in-person
Tuition: $6000
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