Type of Class: in-person
Start Date: October 19, 2024
End Date: November 9, 2024
Class Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday,
Time:  8:30am - 3:30pm (varies)

This course is designed to prepare dental assistants for an endorsement in radiology in the dental office.

Emphasis is placed on understanding and practicing the essentials of radiographic clinical procedures.

How to qualify for admission:

  • Participant must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Participant must have been officially registered with the Board of Dental Examiners as a Traditional Dental Assistant for six months and must have completed at least six consecutive months of employment as a dental assistant in a clinical setting prior to taking this course.
  • Participant must attach a copy of Vermont State Registration to the application or it will be returned.

You will be required to attend:

  • Lecture Session (7 hours) This lecture session will cover theory and techniques used in exposing dental radiographs.
  • Preclinical Session (4 hours)
  • Clinical Session (2 hours) During this session student will: expose a complete FMX on a patient (student`s responsibility to provide a patient), take a written dental radiography exam (must achieve 80% to pass course), and take a clinical test out with a grade of 80% or higher.
Career Field: Health Sciences
Training Type: in-person
Tuition: $550
Total Class Hours: 12
Certifications Offered: Radiology Certification through Vermont Board of dental Examiners
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