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Licensed Nurse Assistant – LNA

Type of Class: in-person
Start Date: September 23, 2024
Class Days: Varies,
Time:  TBD
Adult Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) 
Start date: September 23, 2024
The FALL tuition is $2,000.00 which includes the following: Textbook (which must be returned), workbook, all supplies for classroom and lab work, fingerprinting costs, exam/testing fee for licensed nurse assistant license, and one retake of exam/text if necessary. Classroom (64 hours) and clinical hours (36 hours) a total of 104 hours, approximately 8 weeks. Classes will held on weekdays and weekends. Not included in tuition are the following: application & registration fee for BON, uniforms, shoes, and wristwatch with second hand.
Tuition: $2000.00
Total Class Hours: 104
Certifications Offered: LNA