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Type of Class: in-person
Start Date: February 6, 2021
End Date: April 24, 2021
Class Days: Saturday,
Time:  9AM - 1PM

The Phlebotomy training program will provide a combination of lecture, lab, clinical observation and hands-on practical experience aimed at developing the skills needed to work in an entry level position in medical facilities as a phlebotomist (blood drawing). The primary goal is to instill the latest information on blood collection techniques, skills and equipment for a safe and effective specimen collection, thus enhancing customer service and promoting patient care.

Participants will learn about selecting and preparing the skin puncture site, anatomy and physiology, communication skills, collecting specimens, adhering to proper health and safety guidelines, OSHA guidelines on preventing the spread of infectious diseases, patient/technician relationship, and proper record keeping of laboratory tests. Students will use simulated arms in this class and then do live skin sticks when hired for employment.  An individual must work one year and perform over 100 live skin sticks to take the national exam – which is not a requirement in VT.

This course, provided by Vermont Technical College, is designed to provide the student with theoretical and technical introductory skills of a phlebotomist.

Career Field: Health Sciences
Tuition: $750
Total Class Hours: 40
Certifications Offered: Vermont Technical College Phlebotomy Certification