Welding is valuable in a wide variety of careers. In construction,  ironworkers weld structural steel components and rebar on bridge and building projects.  Pipefitters and fabricators use welding for plumbing, public utilities, HVAC, and many more applications.  In addition, skilled welders are employed to manufacture a wide variety of products in Vermont, from lamps to pizza ovens, and work in the repair of everything heavy trucks to machinery used in cheese factories!

While one web search turned up just 5 jobs for “welders” in Vermont, a search for “welding skills” on the same day and website turned up 85 job openings!

Advanced Manufacturing covers a wide range of topics and industries.  Computer Numeric Control (CNC) processes are widely used in small shops and large.  CNC and welding skills together are a great combination for career advancement!

Winter/Spring 2024 Introductory Welding Classes to start your career

You can click on any of the locations below to learn more about a welding class near you!


St. Albans



Hyde Park

Essex Junction

2024 Advanced Manufacturing and Intermediate/Advanced Welding classes

January 6 in Newport:  Welding/Metal Fabrication

January 12 in Springfield: VMEC Lean 101

January 29 in Springfield: Intro to CAM and CNC

February 6 in Bennington: CNC Technician

February 9 in St. Albans: Welding Level II

March 19 in Bennington: CNC Machining

May 22 in Rutland: Weld-02

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